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Baby Chocnut :’)) :(
I took care of him for almost 3 years, and yeah, I know he could still live longer than that. We were supposed to take him to the vet, because he’s got a lump in his throat and has dental issues. I was really ready to go to the vet with him, but when I got home after buying a box for him to stay in, he was laying there, gone.. Of course I cried. I cried real bad and I don’t know how long it would take for me to get over it. I blamed myself for not knowing the most appropriate diet for him. If I fed him hay and not much pellets then he might have good teeth and no infections and would still be alive today. I kept thinking hat I killed him. Can you kill someone when you love him so much, without even knowing it? I know people will say “it’s just a rabbit,” and that i’m just overreacting now. I don’t know if I am, but it’s hard not to because this rabbit here is one of the dearest souls I have in my life. When you learn to love animals like how i do you’ll understand. When you get a pet and you love him so much, he’s not ‘just a pet’ to you. He’ll be part of the family, and you’ll know he’s more than just a pet when you learn to love him like he’s your own child. 
I love animals so much. I can’t live without a pet to take care of, and I’ve always mourned everytime they left.. And the worst thing about having a pet is the part when you have to be torn from them. I don’t know, maybe I should stop taking pets in? I don’t like getting too attached to things when one day they’ll eventually be taken away from you. But I think it’s the love and care you give them that matters, isn’t it?
 I’ll miss this little bugger so much. It just makes me sad how lonely my life is without him.
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Aww! I’don’t know what to feel tbh, I’m excited for him and kinda sad at the same time! :( We’ll never see him with crooked teeth ever again, and now we’ll never see him in braces again. Aww nialler you grow up too fast. T.T
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“You Are So Beautiful” (Harry’s part on X Factor) 

So I lowered down the pitch because I wanted to hear how it would probably sound now if he sang it… I think I’ve done a bad thing.

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March 18, 2013

It feels good to blog again :D

Finally managed to update my blog’s appearence ^^, I miss tumblring so much, I’ve been on for consecutive days since the 16th(or 15th). Check out my blog! :D have a nice day.

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Sorry I haven’t been on for quite a long time D:

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I guess I would be using that more often but I will still keep this account and use it occasionally. Thanks for reading! Have a nice day. ^^

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  • grandma: why is that cotton candy talking
  • me: grandma that's Nicki Minaj
October 6, 2012
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